Digital Learning Resources

Below are the resources that have been recently developed or collected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Main Tools to Assist Teachers

These resources supply teachers a large amount of tools to develop and deliver online instruction.

Canvas Level Up Course

Our library of resources on all things Canvas in LCISD

Zoom Course

Our library of resources on all things Zoom in LCISD

Schedule for Support

Need a 1-on-1 training with a DLC or DLS? Book a virtual meeting with one of our great team members!

Student Help Desk

LCISD has opened a Student Help Desk page to support those students using district & personal devices to complete online learning activities. Click on the button above to take you to the site.

Staff Resources

Below are resources or links to resources that have been shared with staff.

Digital Resource to Teach Online

A resource to help showcase how to teach online:

NOTE: You will need to go through the “I’m not a robot” process to see the resource.

🎬 Digital Learning Quick Tip: New Online Learning

Dr. Chad Jones outlines a simple strategy for introducing new learning online. Lamar CISD Teachers: As we move into new learning remotely take a few minutes to watch this quick tip

🎬 Digital Learning Quick Tip: Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning

Do you know what synchronous and asynchronous learning is? Dr. Chad Jones explains the differences and gives some recommendations when to use each type of learning in today’s quick tip. Enjoy this tip and check back tomorrow for more.

Canvas Resources

Canvas Weekly Lesson Checklist

This document is checklist to assist teacher their Module-based lessons and communication are ready for the week.

🎬 Digital Learning Quick Tip: Checking on Student Activity in Canvas

Many teachers have been asking how do I know if my students have been looking at my Canvas course? This quick tip video will walk you through how to see who has been looking at your course. Stay tuned tomorrow for our next Distance Learning Quick Tip Video!

🎬 Digital Learning Quick Tip: Use Date & Time to Schedule Announcements

Canvas Announcement Time. When creating an announcement don’t forget to set the date and time you want the announcement to post. To learn how watch the video above.

Monitor Student Activity in Modules

This learning guide will help you setup your Canvas Module so that students complete requirements.

Canvas Submission Instructions

Below are resources on how students can submit work depending on the type of assignment and the device they are using.

Zoom Resources

Zoom Overview Doc

An Overview document with links to Teacher Login, Courses, and Student Guide

🎬 Digital Learning Quick Tip: Place Zoom Meetings in a Canvas Calendar

This quick tip is focused on how to add class Zoom Meeting times to the Canvas calendar. This is a great tip for teachers to help keep their students and parents aware of when class Zoom meetings are taking place. Watch the video below to see how to add class zoom meeting’s to the Canvas calendar. Looking for more information about the Canvas calendar checkout the Canvas Level Up Course.

Zoom Guidelines for Teachers & Staff

A quick visual that guides us on securely setting up Zoom meetings. Kim Hearn made this great Buncee

For more information, click on this page from the ConnectEd Course

Other Teacher Tips & Troubleshooting

Choice Boards

Are students or parents requesting extra work? Provide them a Choice Board Menu or Tic-Tac-Toe style of activity. If you need an editable template, email your Digital Learning Coach.

Google Voice

Download this quick Learning Guide on how to establish a Google Voice numbers. This is used to contact parents from your cell without having to provide your personal cell phone number

Student & Family Resources

Online “Netiquette” – Best Behavior Practices

This document offers 15 best behaviors to have a positive, online, collaborative experience.

ClassLink Tips for Parents

This document helps home users have a better experience with ClassLinks and the resources housed in it.

Multi-users of a Single Device

If multiple students are sharing a singled device, this is a document providing information so students don’t accidentally end up in each other’s accounts.

🎬 Digital Learning Quick Tip: Student Accounts vs. Guardian Accounts in Canvas

Did you know there are differences between Student and Guardian accounts in Canvas? Knowing how these two types of accounts differ can answer a lot of questions. Watch the video above from Dr. Jones as he explains how Student accounts and Guardian accounts are different.

Zoom Guide for Students

Here’s how to get the Zoom app and how to connect. Other detailed instructions will come from the teacher.

Parent Canvas Setting Recommendations

This document will assist parent on organizing their Canvas Parent Portals, and highlight a few features. This will help parents stay organized with more than one child in LCISD schools.

Digital Resources for Students

These documents display a list of digital resources students have available to them through ClassLink

Common Tech Issues for Students

This document provides some common issues you may hear from students and possible solutions.

Access Student Username-Password in Family Access

This documents walks families through steps of accessing their children’s usernames and passwords in order to help support online learning.