What is it?

As more and more teachers become aware of this tool, the more they love it.  It can be complicated for students to memorize a variety of usernames and passwords for different online resources.  ClassLink is your single sign-on service that will remember your username and passwords for a variety of different sites and services.

When students login they see a variety of resources available to them through their campus whether they’re on a district computer or on their own mobile device.

In addition to specific web resources, students can see a variety of file storage services that they may have accounts to, including their H:/ drive.

The mobile device is equally as friendly (see below).  The only limitation is how mobile friendly the different websites they may go to through ClassLink.

How to Get to ClassLink

  1. Open the Google Chrome Browser (works best).
  2. Go to the district webpage: http://www.lcisd.org
  3. Click on the ClassLink button in the top menu of the site OR go to http://launchpad.classlink.com/lcisdClassLink-WebClick
  4. Log in with District Credentials (same way you log into a district computer).
  5. Click on the App you wish to run. (You may need to enter a username and password for that site once, after the initial setup, ClassLink will remember your user name and password)

ClassLink at Home

  1. Complete the steps above to get to ClassLink.
  2. After Step 5, you may be asked to install an “extension” for your browser.
  3. Click on Install Extension. In the next window click on Add to Chrome.ClassLink-ChromeExtension
  4. You may need to accept other permissions, but eventually you should see the extension icon in your browser.

The Mobile App

ClassLinkAppThe ClassLink app is also available so you can have access to some of the same sites and features on your mobile device.  In the app store, be sure to search with the words, “classlink lcisd,” or click on the applicable links below:

app apple appstore_transapp google appstore_trans

More Information

For more information and How-To’s with ClassLink go to our iCafe ClassLink Resource site.