When you login to the homepage or dashboard of your Skyward account there are some shortcuts, called widgets, that you can add to help you get where you need to quicker. Below are a couple of popular widgets for teachers, and how to set them up.

  1. From your home page, click on the small Select Widgets link in the Jump to Other Dashboards box.SkywardWidget1
  2. Under the Teacher Widgets section, check the boxes next to Teacher’s Students and next to Teacher Quick Access. Then click Save.SkywardWidget2
  3. On your Home Page, you will see the two new widgets or boxes:

Teacher’s Students Widget

Below is the image of the Teacher’s Students widget on the Skyward landing page. You now have quick access to all of your current students in one list. When you single click on the student’s name it will take you straight to their profile page, to get quick contact information, schedules, complete discipline referrals or other items you use from that page. PLEASE NOTE: Currently the RTI link in this student profile still does not work going through this route.SkywardWidget3

Teacher Quick Access

  1. This will allow you to get to your Gradebook & Attendance pages quicker. To setup the Teacher Quick Access, click on the blue link in the widget.SkywardWidget4
  2. Then for the Which attendance view do you prefer questions, select By Period. Then click Save.SkywardWidget5
  3. You will then see the widget populated with your class schedule. Next to each period you will see two different symbols.SkywardWidget6

The SkywardWidget7symbol sends you straight to the gradebook for that class period.
The SkywardWidget8symbol sends you straight to the attendance page for that class period. As you take attendance throughout the day, you will notice the bell colors changes.SkywardWidget9