Best Practices

Handle with Care

Use 2 hands when carrying the laptops.  Carry with the lid closed.  Report issues right away.

Use the Same Laptop

Have student try using the same laptop each day.  It will log in faster and perform better overall.

Log Out

Log out of the computer when you are finished.  It will keep others out from accessing your files or saving as you accidentally.

Close the Lid

Closing the lid when the laptop is not in use will save battery life over the course of the day.

Having Trouble

Is the WiFi On?

Check the light on the side on the laptop.  Is the wifi indicator on?  WirelessIndicatorLightIf no, press the Fn Key and the Print Screen Key at the same time to turn on.WirelessOnOff


Many times, issues can be resolved with a restart of the laptop.RestartSteps

Place a Tech Ticket

If the laptop does not work, place a tech ticket by click on the helpdesk icon on the desktop or to  HelpDeskIconMake note of the service tag number and where the laptop will be located.PCNameServiceTag


Shut Them Down

Laptops should be shut down every night to ensure updates are being processed and that they have a fresh start each day. ShutdownStepsDo not close the lid until after it has completely shut down.  Closing it early interrupts the shut down process.  Check for a full shut down by looking at the power indicator light on the side of the laptop.PowerIndicatorLight

Charge Them Up

Return the laptops to the cart to charge overnight.  Double-check that your laptops are charging.  The battery indicator on the side of the laptop should be lit.BatteryIndicatorLightIf the light is not steadily on or blinking, your laptop is not charging.  Check that you have pushed the laptop all the way into the charging tray.ChargeYesNo