Below are some updated instructions on how to update your Teacher Bio link in your course pages.  These are similar to Steps 13-19 in the cheat sheet of the Canvas Update email sent to Secondary LCISD teachers.  Please follow each step carefully.

  1. Click on the Account button in the Global Navigation Menu.
  2. Right-click on the (1)Profile link and choose (2)Open link in new tab.ProfilePicChange1
  3. When the new window or tab opens, click on Your Name’s Profile link at the top of the screen.  Copy the profile number found at the end of the URL.ProfilePicChange2
  4. Go back to your course homepage by clicking on the tab named as the course name at the top.ProfilePicChange3
  5. Highlight all the “Teacher Bio” wording.  Then click on the link icon.  ProfilePic5
  6. In the pop-up box, type or paste in your unique profile page URL number after the /about/.
  7. Click OK.