Below are some updated instructions on how to update your picture in your course pages.  These a similar to Steps 4-10 in the cheat sheet of the Canvas Update email sent to Secondary LCISD teachers.

  1. As seen in the image below (1)click on Edit. (2)Click on the image you wish to replace in the editing window.  (3)Also a new set of options will display on the right side of the screen.  Click on the Images tab and then +Upload a new image.  UpdateCoursePageImage
  2. (4)Click on the Choose File button.  The File Explorer window will open.  Locate your picture file stored on your computer and click Open in the File Explorer window.  (5)Once back into the Canvas screen, select the Upload Window.  ImageUpload
  3. This will change the picture on your screen.  You may resize and center your new picture as mentioned in the cheat sheet.
  4. Click the Update Syllabus button at the bottom of the screen in order to save your work.