Students often produce content for their classroom assignments on their mobile devices, including district iPads.  This is great, but serves the common problem of getting those products especially when they entail large files that can’t be emailed or use some other form of communication.

Enter the OneDrive app.  Sure, there are other Cloud storage services out there like Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Dropbox and more.  However, OneDrive is the product of choice that the district supports.

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Below are some benefits to using the OneDrive app:

  • Storage Space – Each staff and student member have 1 TB (Terabyte) of space to store files of all kinds.  This is 13-20 times more space that what other Cloud services provide for free.
  • Accounts are created – There’s no need on students or staff members to create accounts for this service as it’s tied to their Office 365 credentials provided by the district.
  • Canvas friendly – Many teachers will be using Canvas this to rollout online assignments and assessments. Canvas will more than likely be able to upload documents.  However, Canvas will not be able to supply are large amount of space as time progresses. Students can link their OneDrive accounts to their Canvas accounts to easily turn in assignments and projects.
  • Access from everywhere – Since this is Cloud storage, students will have access to their files from their mobile device as well as any computer with an internet connection
  • Connects with other apps – If students downloaded other Office apps like Work, PowerPoint, Sway, etc., these apps can connect to their OneDrive accounts so that students can pick up where they left off when working on projects as they jump from device to device.

The Setup

This does involve saving files so things can get messy like a student’s backpack over time.

  • Folders – Both teachers and students will need to create folders and possibly subfolders to provide spaces for specific classes or even specific grading periods.
  • Sharing – Teachers can share folders for specific projects so they can gather products from students in one space.

For more ways you and your students can setup and organization process, meet with your CITS on the best setup for your situation.