If you’re managing T-Shirt orders through email, seeking out information on volunteers, or needing paper copy forms returned of staff members for various pieces of information, forms may be a way to help organize and automate the process.

There are different form services out there.  Surveymonkey.com & Google Forms are some of the more popular ones out there.  They can be as simple as complex as you want them to be.  However Office 365 has a forms service for creating basic and simplistic form.  It’s called…Forms (They certainly got complex with that naming convention).  You can also find the Forms option in your suite of Office 365 tiles when you log into your account.


Features of Forms

  • Create Quizzes, Warm Ups, or Exit Tickets for students.
  • All Forms are mobile friendly.
  • Share forms in and out of our organization.
  • You can require people to sign in with their district email and password for better record keeping.
  • Results are live in Forms or download as an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Branching questions allow users to have a more custom experience according to their responses.
  • Share forms through links or even embed them in other online programs.
  • Forms can have Start and Stop dates.
  • Get emails for forms are completed.
  • And you can choose some simple themes.

Below is a live T-Shirt Order form that includes some of the branching features so a single user can order up to 7 shirts.   You can also use the link below to open in a separate window.  You can also add this form to your own account by clicking on the Template link below.

If you would like further information or need extra assistance on creating your own Office 365 Form, contact your campus CITS!