Be assisted with Classroom Management functions in

ClassroomScreen is a website that provides a number of everyday tools to you as a teacher.  Below are some features of this website in its tool bar:


The Tool Bar


Going from left to right, below are the descriptions of the different tools available.

Tool Description
Info Information about the site and tool
Language Choose your language settings
Background Change the background image to the site
Random Name Generator Put in you class roster for your class and randomly call on students as it generates a random name from your list.
Sound Level If hooked up to a mic (this won’t work with desktop computer unless it has a mic or webcam attached) and visually see when it gets “too loud” in your classroom.
QR Creator You can type in a link you need students to go to and will generate a QR code for you and students to go to.
Drawing (Full Screen Turns your screen into a board that can be drawn on. This is a great alternative for your Interactive White Boards
Drawing (Small Screen) Same as above but in a smaller space.
Text You can quickly type in text that needs to be displayed.  This could be good to enter sentence starters on a whim.
Work Symbols Control styles of collaboration by using different work symbols.  Option include: Silence, Whisper, Ask a neighbor, or Work Together.
Traffic Light For all those traffic light type of behaviors, and procedures.
Timer Insert your time and let the countdown begin.
Clock Displays the current time and date.