Gale Databases found in ClassLink are reliable, student-friendly research resources. Use their homepages as a jumping off place to inspire investigation! Ask your librarian for more details and possible ideas.

Level Friendly

From the simplest form of research in Kids InfoBits to modern concerns of our world in Opposing Viewpoints, Gale databases cover an array of different research platforms and reading levels to help all your student needs.

Hot Tip 1: Audio for Results

Most research results will allow users to hear audio versions of their findings when you see the icon below.ListenButton

Hot Tip 2: Sync Research to Student OneDrive Accounts

Thanks to the power of Office 365’s auto login features, and with the assistance of ClassLink, student can easily connect and save their research to their OneDrive accounts. After they’ve connected their accounts they can then click Download from the right side menu to send it to their OneDrive.SignInMicrosoftGale

Hot Topic 3: Use TOPIC FINDER to help narrow down broad topics

Do you have students struggle organizing and possibly narrowing down specifics of their topics. Try the Topic Finder found in many of the Gale databases. The images below show what results can look like.TopicFinderGale

See the results after you enter a topic.TopicFinderIIGale