We can begin showing our support for next year’s recipients. Perhaps you’re going to be spending some extra money over the next few weeks due to the Holiday season. Why not support L.E.A.F. if you’re going to do any shopping at Amazon.com. Below are instructions on how you can tie your current account with L.E.A.F.

STEP 1: Go to http://smile.amazon.com

STEP 2: Sign-in/Create an Account with AmazonAmazon1

STEP 3: Scroll to the bottom and Search for LEAF by typing “Lamar Educational Awards Foundation”.Amazon2

STEP 4: LEAF should be the first one that pops up, the click Select.Amazon3

STEP 5: You will then be taken to the Amazon (Smile) page. There’s nothing different from the regular page except it will show LEAF as a supported organization. When you check out, it will also show you’re supporting the LEAF organization before you select “Place Your Order”.Amazon4