Have you ever wanted to save a video file on your computer for a substitute to share with your students while you were out? The problem is that you had to keep your computer logged in as you to do so. This practice can be dangerous considering many of our systems that auto-log in can share much of your information. Files and links can be saved to the desktop for anyone that logs into that computer. This is great for:

  • providing a substitute a resource to use on your computer with you logged in. Substitutes have their own login credentials.
  • putting resources on student computers’ desktops
  • keeping your district information (credentials, emails, files, etc.) protected

Follow the steps below so that all that log into the computer can see saved resources on the desktop. I wouldn’t share this students.

  1. Make sure your file is already on the desktop
  2. Open File Explorer from the taskbar.Save to Public Desktop III
  3. In the URL bar, type “C:userspublicdesktop” without the quotes.Save to Public Desktop I
  4. Drag the file from the desktop to the space opened in File Explorer.Save to Public Dekstop II
  5. You may be prompted for administrative permissions. Click Continue and it should still work.