I have heard from a few different teachers that their students are having trouble with the ClassLink app on their phones or other mobile devices.  The most reported problem is that the Canvas app is not showing up once they are logged into ClassLink.  We have discovered that due to some constraints put on them by Apple and the App Store, ClassLink has had to change their app.  They can no longer create a different app for each district.  Instead they have created one app in which you have to select your district.  Below are the steps to getting you and your students back up and running with the new app.

First, delete the old app from your device.

old icon

Next, open the app store and search for ClassLink.  Choose to install the new app.

app store

Locate the new ClassLink app on your device and open it.

new icon

You will first need to search for our district.  This should only have to be done the first time you use the app.

  1. Search for Lamar
  2. Select the Lamar Cons ISD icon from the list

lamar search

You should now see the login screen.

  1. Check to be sure you see the Lamar CISD icon
  2. Enter  your username and password
  3. Select Sign In

log in