An issue many of us have when creating projects is finding good stock photos that are free for both instructors and students. has been a site to find great photos for projects in the past.  They now have an app available that makes it great to use when creating digital products on your iPad. The images are copyright friendly and of good quality.

The Unsplash app is easy to use. When you open the app you are brought to a search page. Enter a keyword or topic to search.

As your results appear, browse through the images. When you find an image you want, press and hold the image to select it. Then drag the image down to the bottom-left of the app and it will save to your camera roll.

You can access the images now by going to your camera roll or through your photos app. You will also notice an Unsplash folder has been created automatically. It will keep the photos organized for you so they are easier to find.

The creation of this folder also means easier access in many other apps. As an example, when working in iMovie, I now have an Unsplash folder option right within the app. Once again, this makes those specific images easier to organize and locate.

Technology Applications TEKS Connection

  • 1(A) – when referencing raster and vector files
  • 3(B) – when discussing keyword search strategies and Boolean operators
  • 5(A) – when discussing copyright issues with online content
  • 5(B) – when citing the works of the image
  • 6(G) – when correctly saving files to be reused elsewhere
  • 6(L.iv) – when including graphic design principles in publication
  • 6(N) – if used in conjunction with two or more technology tools to create a digital product.