A great feature of working with your Interactive Whiteboard or Panel is the ability to display one thing on the board while working on attendance, grades, or something else on your computer.  This can be done by using the extended desktop mode.

Entering Extended Desktop Mode
1. Using your keyboard, hold down the Windows key and press the letter “P” key.

Projector Display Settings

2. Select Extend to have your monitor and projector show the different screens.


3. This video shows the process to move programs from one screen to another in extended mode.

If you have a SMART Board or SMART Panel, you will need to set the board for pen input.

After setting your computer in Extend mode, complete the following steps:

1.  Click on the SMART Board icon in the System Tray (by the clock)

SMART Orient

2. Click on Orient

3. Press the space bar on the computer to shift the orientation screen from the desktop monitor to the SMART Board/Panel.

orient screen

You can now write and interact on your board while having something different open on your computer.