Teaching Tech Skills to Students

As educators, we’re charged with infusing core lessons with technology so that students leave 6th-8th grade having mastered the Technology TEKS, as well as TEKS for core curricular areas.  We know students are comfortable using technology, so let’s take those skills and apply them towards creating products and solving problems.

One way to begin using technology with students is to invite them to create!  In an effort to help you out with that, the Digital Learning Team has created sets of task cards to help 6-8 students create products using technology.

Download each set by clicking the icons below!

iPad Digital Tools Task CardsPC Digital Tools Task Cards

Technology Applications TEKS Connection

  • 1(A) – identify, create, and use files in various formats, including text, raster and vector graphics, video, and audio files;
  • 3(B) – create, present, and publish original works as a means of personal or group expression;
  • 6 (N)  integrate two or more technology tools to create a new digital product.
  • 6(L.iv) – a digital publication using relevant publication standards and graphic design principles;