Looking for a quick, easy way to collect real-time data in your classroom?  Smart Notebook makes that possible with its Smart Response 2 option.  Students can use any type of device to take part in the activity.

The Smart Response 2 option is built into Smart Notebook, which should be already loaded on your computers.  Open up Smart Notebook and choose the Smart Response 2 option from your toolbar.

SMart 1

A wizard will open.  Select the type of question you would like to create.

Smart 2

Follow the prompts in the wizard to enter your question, add answer options, add images if needed, etc.  You can add more questions by selecting the blue button in the upper right.  You can jump between questions to edit or re-order by accessing them on the right side of the wizard.  When you have added all your questions, select Next.

Smart 3

The next window allows you to add a title and description to your quiz.  Once you have entered the information you wish to add, select Finish.

Smart 4

The quiz is now ready to use.  You can save it and access later.  If you are ready for it, have students go to classlab.com on their computer or mobile device and enter the code shown in Notebook.

  • When they enter a code it will ask for their name
  • You can see all the people that have joined on the right side
  • Start the session when you are ready to begin

Smart 5

While the session is active, you can show/hide the box on the right by clicking on the phone icon.

  • Pause/End the session as needed
  • View which students are currently connected
  • Remove students if the need arises

Smart 6

Once the session is ended, you have the option to view all results in the window.  You can also export the results to an Excel document.

Smart 7