We are always looking for other ways to have students express what they know or what they are thinking.  The use of memes in the classroom is a great way to accomplish this.  It allows for self expression and gives the students a chance to use their voice in unique ways.

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The truth? A meme is perfect for expressing sarcasm, predicting what will happen next, summarizing an event in one phrase, and sharing how a character’s feelings are being interpreted…to name a few.  I can tell you are already thinking how some of your students will excel at this!

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You can also use memes in a more general approach by creating vocabulary cards.

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They are great as a reminder for an upcoming event or an often forgotten rule.

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I’m sure you are asking yourself, “How will I use memes in my classroom?”  Well the first step is to find an easy way for you and your students to create them.

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I have 2 favorites that are my go-to apps when creating memes.

mematic Mematic is the app I use the most.  It has different meme templates you can use, and there are stock images and gifs to use right within the app in case you don’t have an image of your own.  The app is free, but there are in-app purchases to give you even more options.  It is worth the purchase if you plan on using this a lot.
aviary Photo Editor by Aviary does way more than just create memes.  There are many image editing options available that you can use to transform images.  A simple meme creator is included however.  The app is free to download from the app store.

Both apps are easy to use.  Mematic walks you through the process in 4 steps.  Aviary has tutorials for many of its functions right within the app.  Just click on the gear.  The meme option is the last option on its ribbon at the bottom.

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Give memes a try.  I am willing to bet both you and your students will love them!