Keeping track of who you have called on during a discussion can sometimes get a little blurry.  There are so many other things on your mind, it is difficult to remember who has already contributed to the discussion or answered a question from the review.  This Random Name Picker is a great way to take that worry off your plate.

Go to It will show you a spinner with random names already in it.  Select New from the options below the spinner.


Delete the names that are in there and add your class list.When you are done adding names, choose to Save the List as Currently Shown.

add names and save

It will ask you to add a password so that you can go back and edit the picker if needed.  I tried creating 2 different spinners and it let me use the same password each time.  I would advise you just use the same password for all of them that you create.


An original weblink url will be created for your class spinner. Copy and paste the url someplace that is easily accessible, or save it as a shortcut in Chrome, so that you can get to it whenever you need.  I would create a different spinner for each class and then copy/paste the link into a document or OneNote page.  Label each link with the class period so you know which is which.


If your roster changes, you can select the Edit/Save option to update your list.

New Class

You can choose to remove names once they are selected.  By going to the Edit/Save option, you can reset your list of students to begin with the entire class again by selecting Show Full List.

Full List