Some of you may have noticed that many of our district PCs not longer have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC pre-installed.  This is the program that was used to edit PDFs as well as many other features.  At this time there is only Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDFs.  However, you can still get your “Pro” back on your PC as well as many other great Adobe products.

STEP 1: Open Adobe Creative Cloud

You should have access to Adobe Creative Cloud app on your PC as seen below. The app utilizes some easier ways to access the library of Adobe offerings.  If you see this app on your computer, please skip to Step 6.


If Adobe Creative Cloud IS NOT installed on Computer

If you don’t see it listed in your apps, then you can still get to the Creative Cloud by going to this link: Please proceed with Step 1 to install the Creative Cloud app and install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

STEP 2: Sign in to Creative Cloud

Sign in with your district email address. If you’re asked what type of account to use with your email address, choose Company or School Account. A second window will probably appear prompting you with “Do you want to allow the app to make changes to your computer?” Click Yes and proceed.

STEP 3: Install Creative Cloud

You will see the window below. Depending on the speed of your network, Adobe’s network, and your computer, it may take a while to install.

NOTE: The window will disappear on it’s own. Do not attempt to “reopen” Adobe Creative Cloud. It will reappear on it’s own.

STEP 4: Sign in again and install ANOTHER update

You may be prompted to sign in again. Do so once again with your district credentials. It will begin another update process. Again, depending on various circumstances this will take a while and do not try to reopen the app.

NOTE: The below window will disappear on it’s own. Do not attempt to “reopen” Adobe Creative Cloud. It will reappear on it’s own.

STEP 5: Install Adobe Acrobat DC

You will probably need to sign in after the update is complete and this will see the Creative Cloud Dashboard. Look for Adobe Acrobat DC in the All apps list and click Install.

NOTE: This process will more than likely take much longer than the previous updating processes. Let it complete it’s install process on it’s own.

STEP 6: Install Complete

Once it’s complete, you’ll received the below notification and you will now see Adobe Acrobat DC in your app list.


STEP 7: EXTENSION – Uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader

For a better user experience, it is recommend to uninstall the old Adobe Acrobat Reader so that when opening a PDF document it will more than likely open in Acrobat DC.