PowerPoint tends to get a bad rap.  It is “old technology” that has been around forever.  Why use it when there is something new out there?

Most people don’t realize that it isn’t the same old PowerPoint anymore.  Microsoft is constantly making updates.

One AMAZING add-in is the recording option you can utilize from the Recording Tab.  I am just going to focus on the Record Slide Show option in this post.


Side note…if you don’t see the Recording tab when you open PowerPoint, you will probably need to add it.  Choose the File tab and select Options from the menu.


When the Options window opens:

  1. Select Customize Ribbon
  2. Choose Recording from the Main Tabs options.
  3. Select OK


Now that the Recording Tab is visible you will be able to select Record Slide Show as I mentioned above.  A new screen will open that allows you to record audio and video on each slide.

  1. Your options to Start and Stop Recording are located in the upper-left of the screen.  You can replay to see if it is up to your standards and then move on.  You have the ability to record continuously from slide to slide without stopping, but I suggest creating a recording for each slide. That way if you mess up you are only re-recording the one slide.
  2. Your Drawing Tools are located along the bottom.  You can use these tools while you are recording to support what you are talking about and keep students focused on the task at hand.
  3. Options to turn your microphone and webcam on/off are located in the bottom-right.  You can turn your webcam on so that it will record you and put the video in the corner of your screen.  There are times it pays to have your students see you while you talk.
  4. If you want to make Notes for when you record, you can access them in the top-middle of the screen.
  5. Make a mistake? Use the Clear option to remove a previous recording and start again.
  6. The Settings option in the upper-right allow you to set the microphone and other peripherals.



When you have your presentation the way you want it, you can finalize the project Save as Show, which keeps it as a PowerPoint file but will open up and start playing immediately for those who open the file.  Another option you have is to Export to Video.  It will give you a video file you can upload or email.

Save Options