A great option within Canvas is the ability to import content from another one of your courses, or any course you can access.  When you are importing, however, be careful of the options you choose…

There is a step that is easy to miss and will cause all your imported quizzes/assignments to have due dates from past years posted to your syllabus and calendar.  By checking a box or two you can take care of this issue.

Start the process by going to the course you want to add the content to.  Then do the following:

  1. Choose Settings from the Course Navigation.
  2. Select Import Course Content from the options on the right.


A new window will open:

  1. In the Content Type, choose Copy a Canvas Course.
  2. Search for the course you want to copy content from.
  3. Choose to Select specific content.
  4. Check the box next to Adjust events and due dates.
  5. More options will show.  You will want to select Remove dates.  You can add the dates yourself later.
  6. Select Import.


From the next window, choose to Select Content.


A pop up will display.  Here is where you can select what content to import.  If you want to import all of a section, such as quizzes, you can check the box next to the main heading.  If you want to choose only certain quizzes to import, click the arrow next to the main heading and then select the box(es) next to the content you wish to add.  Then choose Select Content.


The wizard will queue, and then run, your request.  One it is complete, the content will be available for you and your students.