Many of you are utilizing Eduphoria assessments to collect data for your students.  Adding media, such as images, video, or audio files, is easy to do and can expand your ability to assess what your students know.

Once you have set up the test by naming it and adding your grade level and subject information, you are ready to start adding your questions.

  1. Select the Questions tab
  2. Choose to Add Question


Select what type of question you want to create.  For this example I will choose Selected Response (multiple choice).


A wizard will open.  Enter you question and answer choices (if applicable).  You are able to add an image, a video, or an audio file if you like from this wizard.


Once you select one of those options (I chose image), a window will pop up for you to add it.

  1. Choose File will let you browse your computer to find the media file you want to add.
  2. Select Insert Image to add it to the question.


Be sure to select the Finished button in the lower right when you are done editing your question.


Your question should now appear in your test preview and you are ready to repeat the process for the next question.