A few people have asked if they can still purchase the Microsoft Office CD for $10 as they have done in the past.  Users would do this so they could install the Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.)  software at home on personal devices.  Microsoft no long offers the CD-ROM purchase program for their software.

However, as an employee of the district, you have the opportunity to download the MS Office software on up to 5 different personal devices.  You can also use your district credentials to activate the Microsoft Office 365 mobile apps.  These mobile activations will not take away from the 5 licenses. Not only do you have access to these opportunities, but students do as well.  They can also follow the below instructions to download the software.

Windows 10

Please Note: They do not offer a CD-ROM or download for the Windows 10 software.  That’s standard on most computers now and if not, Microsoft Offered a free Windows 10 updgrade to owners for a two year window.  That opportunity has now expired.


  • It’s FREE
  • Access to same Office tools as at school
  • Always have access to the latest version of MS Office
  • 5 Installation Licenses (The CD-ROM only offered 2 licenses).
  • Can install on different platforms (i.e. PC or Mac)

How to Install

  1. 1. Go to your MS Office account through Classlink or click here: http://portal.office.com and login with your district credentials.
  2. Click on the Install Office Apps link and most people will choose the first option. The website should recognize what type of computer you are on (PC or Mac) and offer that types of software to download.01-OfficeAppsLinkinDashboard
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to begin the software installation.
  4. Once installed you might be prompted to active the software.  Please use your district credentials to activate the software.  NOTE: Other users will not have access to your files.