Do you feel you’d like there are only a couple of small tasks you’d like to learn in Word, Excel, Outlook or some other Microsoft Office program?  Do you feel a formal Microsoft Office training won’t give you what you’re looking for?  Do you want to direct your students to a library of Microsoft Office resources so they can learn these tools?  Microsoft has a resource that allows you to pick and choose what you want to learn about their tools.

This site gives you a library of resources to be a better user of Microsoft Office products.  You can jump into the tool by click on one of the icons or you can go another route.

Quick Start


Not sure where to begin, especially if you’re trying to start off with the basics.  Try the Quick Start guides to help lay down a good foundation for your future skill set.

Cheat Sheets


Would you like some resources to help you navigate commonly asked tasks.  Download some of the cheats sheets for a quick reference.



Whether they’re for additional reminders, or for inspirational purposes, you can use the infographics to get you started with other features.  You can even customize them if you want to share different specifics.



Ready to practice your new craft?  Try downloading some pre-created office files as templates to get your productivity off to a fast start.

Enjoy enhance your Microsoft Office skills and be sure to share with others!!!