Many teachers have been asking if it is possible to filter the Canvas gradebook by six-weeks.  Currently we do not have that option, (although it may be coming in the near future).  In the meantime, naming your modules by six-weeks will give you the ability to sort by modules (which if named by six weeks, would also be by grading periods).

Step 1 – Name and setup your Modules by six-weeks (i.e. 1st 6 weeks, 2nd 6 weeks, etc.)

module names

Step 2 – Go to each course’s Settings, then go to the Feature Options tab, and turn on the New Gradebook feature

new gradebook


Step 3 – Click on Grades

grades menu

Step 4 – Click the View button –> go to Filters –> click on Modules –> filter grades using the filter option on the right side

new gradebook 2


Check out the New Gradebook Guide for additional features included in the “New Gradebook.”