If you are looking for a simple way to make some an interesting info-graphic for a presentation, or for an eye-catching cover for a project you or your students are working on, look no further than WordArt.com.

word art

WordArt will build a word cloud for you based on the words you add to it.  It will automatically set parameters for you, or you can manually control just about every aspect of the image.  You are also able to choose from a variety of background images your words can take the shape of, or import an image of your own and form your cloud with that image.


A how-to resource page has been created for you in Canvas that you can import into your course.  The first three videos will walk your students through the creation of their word cloud and highlight the many options that are available to them within the site.  The fourth video shows you how to use the snipping tool on your computer to capture the finished image and then save to OneDrive or upload straight into Canvas if appropriate.

To import the Canvas “how-to” page into your course, click here to be taken to the page in the Canvas Commons:  WordArt Resource Page.  You can also go to the Canvas Commons and search for “pwagner WordArt.com Tutorial”.