A Sway is a presentation tool that is great for introducing a topic or for sharing information to review a topic or dig deeper into a concept you are teaching.  Sways can easily embed into Canvas so students are able to view the presentation right within your Canvas module.  Embedding your Sway is a quick and easy process.

Once you have your Sway completed, you will need to copy the embed code so that it can be placed onto your Canvas page.

  1. Select the Share option in the upper right of the window.
  2. Be sure Anyone with a link is selected to keep students from having to log in to see the sway.
  3. Select Get embed code.


A new window will pop up with the embed code.  Select Copy.


You are now ready to place the Sway into Canvas.

  • Log into Canvas and go to the module and page you want the Sway to be embedded on.
  • Select Edit to work with the page.
  • In the options above the work window, find and select the Insert/edit media button from the editing options.


A Insert/edit media window will pop up.

  1. Select the Embed tab.
  2. Paste the embed code you copied for your Sway.
  3. Select OK.


Once you save your changes, your Sway should now display right within your Canvas page.