The district has purchased a license for all LCISD students to have access to Adobe Spark.  This program will let you create posts (graphics), web pages, and videos.  Students can access Adobe Spark through ClassLink.


The Spark Post option is great for creating quality graphics as stand alone projects or to add to a presentation being created.  There are a large number of templates to choose from.  You also have a wide variety of options as far as post sizes. It can be specific to a digital need, such as a social media post, or a graphic to print.

A cheat sheet has been created for you to use with your students that gives them an overview of Spark Post.  It guides them through creating the project, choosing your theme, adding content, and finishing/sharing your project.  You can download the cheat sheet here: Adobe Spark Post Cheat Sheet

spark post cs

There is also a YouTube Playlist that contains 6 six overview videos of Spark Post that coincide with the cheat sheet.  It is another great resource for students to have access to as they are being introduced to, and working in, the program.  You can find the playlist here: Adobe Spark Post Tutorials

spark post playlist

Please feel free to use and share these resources as you see fit.  If you are planning on trying this out with your students, a great idea is to download the cheat sheet from this post and then upload it to Canvas.  You can also place a link to the tutorial playlist from YouTube or embed the videos directly into the Canvas page. Then your students will always have those resources available.

To make things easier, a page has been uploaded into the Canvas Commons.  You can search for pwagner Adobe Spark Post Tutorials in the Commons.  After selecting the page, you should be able to add to your course.