When you’re standing at your classroom Interactive Display (Promethean or SMART Board or panel), it can become frustrating when needing to type something on the screen.  We often have to return to the teacher workstation to complete the typing, which can be aggravating, especially if the workstation is across the room.

Now you can stay at your board and type away with a couple of different options of accessing an on screen keyboard.

Option 1: Create a shortcut in the Taskbar

  1. (VIDEO): Right click on the taskbar and select the Show touch keyboard button. You will then see a keyboard icon by your desktop clock.
  2. (VIDEO): Click on the keyboard to start the online keyboard.  You have the option of resizing the keyboard to see more of your screen as you type and you can relocate for easier use.
  3. You can then ‘X’ out of the keyboard to remove it from the screen.

Option 2: Use the link located in the Smart Menu

Click on the Start Menu and then select the On-Screen Keyboard tile.

2019-01-18 osk start menu

This keyboard is a different style and can be customized in a different.  However, it performs the same basic functions as Option 1.

Happy On-Screen typing!