There are a ton of apps available for all devices out there, whether it be Apple, Android, or general Google Chrome apps.  Many of them were created for educational purposes.  The problem is being able to weed through them all to find what you need.  TCEA is doing what it can to make that process a little easier.

TCEA has lists created for each platform that can be found here:  It used to require a login, but now it can be accessed by anyone.  These lists break the apps down into categories so it is easier to get down to the apps you are looking for.

Apps List

As shown in the iPad Apps list above, the apps are actually broken down two different ways.

  • The categories at the bottom of the file show the different sheets in this list and are broken down by subject or tool need, to name a few.
  • The headings at the top are breaking the apps down further according to what option you have chosen from the bottom.

You will notice that each app that is listed is actually a hyperlink that will take you to that app in the appropriate store (Google or Apple).  Here you will learn more about that specific app to help determine if it will fit your needs.

The cells are color-coded.  Any cell that is yellow is linked to a free app.  Cells that are white link to a paid app.  The price is also listed here for your convenience.