Canvas provides a way to implement RtI levels through an option called Mastery Paths. Mastery Paths don’t have to just be used for RtI purposes, however. It is also a great tool for differentiated instruction and assessments.

VIDEO: Intro to Mastery Paths

Essentially how Mastery Paths work is that all students start off with an assessment in Canvas, a quiz, or even a graded discussion. Teachers then designate a “path” students can take based off the point value that was derived from the quiz.

Mastery Paths live within a Canvas Module. After the initial assessment or quiz, students can be directed to module items like Pages, other quizzes, discussions, and more. This is based on the students’ scores.

It would be best if teachers worked together in teams or departments to gather materials that would be best for all learners.  Working as a team, once the module is created it can be imported into each course.

Below are instructions via the Canvas Guides on getting started with Mastery Paths.

How do I use Mastery Paths in course modules?

How do I assign a conditional assignment for students to complete?

How do I view the Master Paths range breakdown results for an assignment? 

If you have further questions, please reach out to the Digital Learning Team.