Podcasting was popular a few years ago, and it is making a strong comeback lately. It is a great way for students to express their opinions on topics, provide information, or share tips from different aspects of their lives. It also provides an avenue to reach a world-wide audience.

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated when it came to podcasting. I thought it was going to require a bunch of training and a ton of equipment to create a good quality product that also had a professional feel to it.  Well…I was WRONG! Allow me to introduce Anchor.


Anchor is a free podcasting platform that is accessible via PC or mobile device.  You can create a podcast, with good quality, in just a few clicks.  It does require an account, but it is free.  It allows you to post your podcasts online and then provides a link for you to share with others.  It will also reach out to other podcasting sites, like iTunes, and ask to register your podcasts to their lists.

When I say create in a few clicks, I mean it!  Tap to record. Tap to add that recording to your story line.  Tap to add some transitions or effects if you want.  Repeat that process as often as you need.  Then tap to name and publish your podcast.  It is that easy!  Check out our first official podcast on Product Creation Tools.

We have created some task cards that you can share with those creating the podcast to guide them through the process.  See the images below.  You can also download a PDF of them here: Anchor Task Cards

Interested?  Visit their site, or download their app, and create your free account to get started.

PC Task Card

Anchor PC Card

iOS Task Card

Anchor PC Card