Taken from Eduphoria’s How Learning Happens series: Following discussions with a quick reflection exercise helps students sharpen their speaking and listening skills.

Heather Patterson shared this video, along with a few others I am sharing in other posts, with her staff. They focus on getting students engaged in discussions and ensuring they are grasping what is being covered in your class.

This strategy helps students reflect on a discussion that just took place by supplying data as to the frequency in which they participated in the discussion.  It also gives them time to reflect on the discussion itself.  When using this strategy, the teacher is not part of the discussion. Rather, you use the time to map out who is doing the talking during the discussion. You then share this data with the students.  This lets students see if everyone had a chance to speak or if one or two may be taking over the conversation.   Students can also take time to write down key points from the discussion.

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Taken from Eduphoria’s “How Learning Happens” series, October 5, 2018.