Taken from Eduphoria’s How Learning Happens series: When students make “I notice” and “I wonder” comments on course content, teachers can see what they know – and what they need to learn.

Heather Patterson shared this video, along with a few others I will share in other posts, with her staff. They focus on getting students engaged in discussions and ensuring they are grasping what is being covered in your class.

This video talks about boosting engagement with notices and wonders.  As we all know, children all learn at different rates.  Unfortunately, those rates are wide-spread in each class.  It is not just in general either…each concept will bring about a different rate for each student based on past experiences and connections that can be made.  Allowing students to incorporate “I notice” and “I wonder” statements into regular discussions lets both the student and the teacher gain awareness on where they stand, and it can help guide instruction moving forward.

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Taken from Eduphoria’s “How Learning Happens” series, January 14, 2019