Taken from Eduphoria’s How Learning Happens series: Sentence starters that students use to join a class discussion encourage both academic thinking and social connectedness.

Heather Patterson shared this video, along with a few others I am sharing in other posts, with her staff. They focus on getting students engaged in discussions and ensuring they are grasping what is being covered in your class.  It will also help students who struggle to get into the conversation by supplying ways for them to become involved.

Talk Moves are a way to get a conversation going or, in many cases, to keep it moving in a positive direction.  Utilizing question stems, students are able to continue conversations reinforcing what is being discussed along the way.  It is also a great way to get everyone involved in the conversation.  Utilizing stems, such as “I agree because” or “So, you are saying”, gives even students who struggle to jump in an opportunity to be a part of the discussion.  Edutopia has included a downloadable list of question stems.  You can find them here: Talk Move Question Stems.

To read more about this topic, visit the Eduphoria post: Encouraging Academic Conversations with Talk Moves.

Taken from Eduphoria’s “How Learning Happens” series, November 16, 2018.