Teachers are often looking for different ways to assess…something that will peak the interest of the students to keep them engaged.  Our Office 365 accounts supply us with a “pro version” of Flipgrid.  Flipgrid supplies a platform for you to post questions and the students to reply with short video answers.  It is easy to set up and collects the responses for you.  It even works within Canvas so you could use the speed grader option to pass back grades to Skyward.

We are moving into a time of the year where there are many reviews happening.  A scavenger hunt is something that can make a review a bit more fun and challenging.  You can combine a scavenger hunt with Flipgrid to create a FlipHunt!  By placing your questions all on one grid, you can grant your students access to all the questions at one time. They can move through the questions on their own and respond to them in the order in which the answers present themselves.

Flipgrid will work with pretty much any mobile device (with the Flipgrid app) or a computer as long as it has a webcam and internet access.  If you want to see what it looks like, check out this Sample FlipHunt.  Go to Flipgrid.com and enter the code voh5j3j.

Getting Started with Your Teacher Account

As a teacher, you will first need to log into Flipgrid.com to activate your educator account.

Go to Flipgrid.com and select Educator Login.

ed login

Choose to log in with Microsoft.  Use your district credentials.


You are now ready to create your first grid, or folder, to house your questions.  Select New Grid and follow the online directions.

new grid button

To create your first question, select New Topic and follow the online directions.

new topic

When you are ready to share with your students, you will need to provide the code to them so they can access your grid and/or questions.


Flipgrid has a Help Center that can get you started and provide more guidance.  You can also reach out to your Digital Learning Coach for help.

If you are creating a FlipHunt, download this TASK CARD to add your code and give your students some step by step instruction.

If you are wanting to learn more about how to integrate Flipgrid with Canvas, check out this blog post by Dan Perez: Flipgrid in Canvas.