(SLY – dough) is a commercially based instant feedback tool that can be utilized in educational and professional environments. Similar to PollEverywhere and Mentimeter, Slido offers some quick styled questions that can be easily answered by audiences. Below is the basics of getting started with

This tool is also extremely mobile friendly as it’s based off a device’s web browser and therefore there is no app to download as well.


After creating an account, the first thing you’ll need to do is create an Event. These will house your poll questions and questions you receive from your audience. This is also how you’ll deliver the questions to your audience.

You will have 3 options after creating an event. The first two are what you’ll use the most, Crowdsource Questions & Polls.

Crowdsource Questions

This feature acts like a parking lot for audience members. They can add questions, all the audience members can see the questions and can “vote up” a question, especially if they had a similar question.


As mentioned, this is a great “parking lot” type of tool for during a lesson, presentation, or meeting.


A premium membership is needed to approve questions before they’re posted to everyone. Audience members can also post as an Anonymous person. If you’re requiring the names from those providing questions, it’s difficult to enforce it.


Polls offer simplistic question formats to ask audience members. Slido offers four different question formats for you to ask audience members: Multiple Choice, Word Clouds, Open Text, and Ratings.

You control the pace by activating the polls one at a time. You can then share the live feedback to help guide classroom or meeting discussions.

If you want students or audience members to answer multiple question at the same time then you would create a “survey” and tie those questions to the survey. You can also create multiple choice questions that have correct answers, or can choose from more than one answer choice.


It’s very simplist and offers an easy delivery. These are great to check for understanding, or guide a discussion/conversation.


However, with a free account, you can only create 3 questions per event. So trying to establish more of a formal assessment would not be a good utilization of this tool. Also survey’s move at the pace of the participants similar to any other survey experience.

BONUS: Ideas feature

This is a beta feature and would have to be turned on in the Event settings as can be seen below. The purpose of this is similar to the Crowdsource Questions. However, it’s a promotion of ideas versus questions so participants of the “event” can add or vote on other ideas.


This is a great feature if you want to prompt a question or share a topic and get ideas from participants prior to a meeting, or get ideas from students for certain projects or topics.


You need a premium account in order to utilize all the options of the Ideas feature.

More information on Slido Ideas

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