Digital Learning Coaches

Digital Learning Coach

What is a Digital Learning Coach?

Our main focus is Instruction Technology. We train, support, and introduce tools that can assist, renovate, and innovate classroom instructions, even beyond the walls of the campus.

Our Duty

  • Our major focus is now on integrating the 6 – 8 Technology Applications TEKS into ALL core curriculum areas to reach EVERY student.  Our students are pretty savvy with consuming knowledge, but we need them to be job ready by being experts in creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, research, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, digital citizenship, and technology operations and concepts.
  • We will be addressing the Technology Applications TEKS by doing the following:
    • Integrating technology into activities recommended in your curriculum guides.
    • Lead instructional technology trainings
    • Sitting in on some of your planning meetings throughout the year to integrate technology with what you are already doing in the classroom.
    • Working closely with your awesome librarians to offer trainings for your students and supply them with resources that will prepare students for digital activities in your classrooms.

Technology Issues?

We are no longer a part of the Technology Services Department, all technical issues (needs for repair) will need to be directed to the Help Desk and technicians.  If you are having issues with technology in your classroom or on campus, please call the Help Desk (x0220), or submit a tech ticket immediately so that your technician can address the issue.  If you don’t place a ticket, they don’t know there’s a problem.

The DLC’s Schedule

There area 10 digital learning coaches that serve the district . Five support Elementary Schools, 3 support Middle Schools and Junior Highs, and 2 support our High Schools. Valerie Coffman, and Dan Perez are currently serving the Middle Schools and Junior Highs.



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